10 Tips for Maximising the Storage in your Kitchen

Smaller kitchens can be difficult to work with due to a lack of storage and prep space. DSI have shared some tips that we think will help you to maximise storage in your kitchen so you finally have enough room to prepare your meals.

Pull-out Storage

Pull-out storage is a great way to store all of your kitchen essentials while giving the added benefit of being able to clearly view everything in your kitchen cupboard. Pull-outs to maximise the usability of your units are available in larder units, drawers & best of all those pesky corner units that normally become home to the Christmas bits & bobs!

Pull-out Larder

Pull out larder units are available in several different widths including narrow 300mm units. This means that annoying gap next to your fridge can be made useful…you now can use it as a spice rack!

Le-mans & Carousel Corners

Corner cupboards are always a pain when it comes to storage as you can never see what is right at the back. Le-mans and carousels are a great solution to make the most of what is often wasted space. More examples of these can be seen in our showroom.

Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are a great way to stack plates, bowls & tins without having to put them on top of each other. Best of all, they can often double the storage in one cupboard as there is always bags of space above your tins of soup – so what was just three shelves can become five or even six! Pick these up online for a cost that will not break the bank!

Cutlery Draw

Shallow cutlery drawers can be hidden away in your larger draws without using up too much storage. The slot above the deeper pan drawers so they are still simple to access. This ensures every inch of space is used and better still your cutlery is neatly organised all in one place!

Drawer Inserts

Much like a cutlery tray, dividers can be added to drawers to make storing kitchen roll, cling film, tin foil, baking paper, saucepans & plates far simpler & compact. Long are the day of rummaging through drawers!


Not only are islands great for providing a social area in the kitchen & extra worktop space, but lend the opportunity for extra storage. Don’t neglect the space beneath; fill it with as many units as possible even if they are difficult to access as these can be used to store your bread maker that you’ll use once or twice a year!

Open shelving can be added to either end of your island, creating the perfect space for all those recipe books that normally end up cluttering your worktop!

Spice Racks

Spices are always a pain as they come in lots of little pots that become lost in the depth of the kitchen cupboard! Adding a spice rack to the inside of your cupboard door is a great way to organise your spices and have them easily accessible.

Stackable Containers

If you haven’t got a lot of space in your kitchen for food items, putting your food into containers that can be stacked & labelled will not only maximise your storage but make reaching for ingredients a breeze.

Mugs Hooks

Stacking mugs can take up a lot of room and result in breakages when you open the cupboard for your morning brew. Adding hooks to the underside of a shelf or even the underside of a wall unit can save storage space and prevent a broken toe!

Double up your sink as a chopping board

Investing in a new chopping board that is big enough to go over your sink can give you back that precious worktop space and won’t cost you too much either!

Look up!

If you have a smaller kitchen and taking up added floor space is not an option then why not add more vertical storage. We love adding tall banks with larder and pantry units to our kitchen which in effect gives a whole wall of storage! Suspend an open shelving unit above the island for an ingenious way to store plates & glasses.

DSI hope that all these tips can help you think twice about how to maximise the storage in your kitchen whether it be large or small!