6 Ways to style a grey kitchen

Together at DSI, we have come up with 6 clever ways to style a grey kitchen. Grey is the go-to colour for our homes at the moment but it can easily look rather monotone. Here are 6 easy, affordable eye-catching ways to avoid a bland kitchen!


A big trend over the last couple of years is having plants in every room of the house. This trend is a favourite of ours as we believe it adds a nice organic touch by bringing the outdoors in.

Adding some plants to a grey kitchen, whether they are houseplants or herbs, can add some more personality warmth into the room. Using herbs as your greenery means you can grow your own food in a kitchen that looks beautiful – saving you money!

Pop of Colour

Adding a pop of colour is an easy way to brighten up a grey kitchen. This could be anything from brights that pack a punch such as yellows and oranges to more subtle earthy tones like sage or duck egg.

The great thing about grey is that anything goes! Colour can be added in a whole host of ways but our favourites include striking splashbacks, funky bar stools, patterned tiling & accessories such as tea towels & crockery in open shelving.

Rustic Wood

Mixing together the modern and the old can give a kitchen some real interest. You can do this is by adding a wooden worktop, wooden bar stools or shelving – characterful reclaimed wood such as old scaffold boards can add a really quirky touch when used as open shelving!

If you have an older house then you may have oak beams running through the ceiling and walls. These should be celebrated and incorporated into your kitchen for a more rustic approach.

Our New York gloss white kitchen above showcases just one of the many ways wood can add real warmth to what could otherwise be a slightly cold & clinical room. Incorporating wood effect clad on panels as a splashback around the whole kitchen is a simple yet very effective way of making a bold statement if you’d still like to maintain a neutral colour palette.

Copper Assets

Copper has crept its way into the world of interiors in recent years and it doesn’t stop at the kitchen! Handles, sinks, taps and accessories in this alternative finish not only add a splash of colour but also an extra sparkle to any kitchen.

Grey doors are an especially good canvas to offset copper accents.

As highlighted in our cobble grey Cranbrook kitchen below, mixing metal, wood & stone together creates a unique style and flair.


Feature Walls

Feature walls are not only great for living rooms but can also create drama in the kitchen. Contrasting paint colours and shades are a quick and easy way to achieve depth; a tin of paint really can change the entire aesthetic of a kitchen!

Don’t forget walls are also great carriers of texture so tiles or more innovative coverings such chalk paint or pegboard can offer both a tactile and practical feature.

Alea Matt

Bold Lighting

Bold lighting is a great way to refresh a grey kitchen and make it a standout room in the house. You can use spotlighting to focus on key aspects of the kitchen, creating some shadowing on other parts.

We like to use under cupboard lighting to create an intimate space – perfect for when you want to make a brew in the evening!

Statement pendant lights can also be used above an island or breakfast bar to emphasise the focal point of the kitchen; this is a great opportunity to add texture and colour.

Particularly with a grey kitchen, lighting is crucial in determining the feel of the room.

Cool blue-toned lighting can give grey units a modern sleek, slate-like appeal whereas warmer yellow-toned lights will bring out the stony tones of the grey to create a slightly softer cosy space.

There’s no wonder grey is such a hit when it brings with it so much flexibility so make you try out our tips to make your kitchen perfect for you!