5 Tips on How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, making it hard to relax in them like we should be doing. With a bit of careful decorating and minor changes, you could turn your small bathroom into a well-loved room that feels relaxing again! DSI have come up with 5 tips for helping to make your small bathroom feel bigger, tips that could give you the power to love your bathroom again.


Mirrors can help your bathroom to look a lot bigger as they can reflect light, colour and patterns in the room which helps to give off an illusion of more space. Putting a large mirror above your sink will help to give your bathroom the lift it needs.


If you do not have space for a large mirror then a collection of smaller well-positioned mirrors could have the same effect.


The flooring in your bathroom works the same as the walls do, using a lighter colour will help to brighten up the space and open up the room. Wood effect LVT tiles laid in the correct direction can give the illusion of more width or length to smaller rooms.


Getting rid of the ‘clutter’ in your bathroom is important when creating space. Think about different ways that you can organise your products so that they are not all on show and making the bathroom look overcrowded. Bathroom furniture or an illuminated wall cabinet would do the trick nicely!

Glass Panel

A glass screen over your shower/bath is a great way to make the bathroom feel bigger and more open. Shower curtains can form a visual wall causing your eyes to see the room as smaller.


While it is important to have lighting in a bathroom for other reasons like shaving, makeup or doing your hair, lighting also plays a big part to help make the room look larger.

A good way to make it seem like there is more light is by replacing a single ceiling light with one that has multiple fixtures, or maybe led spotlights which are also low use fittings and so good for energy savings. This mix of light direction will help eradicate shadowing, create light coming from different angles and so will brighten up the room and make it feel bigger!

Thank you for reading our 5 ways you can make your bathroom look larger. If you have any questions about any of our products contact us here and we will be happy to help.