Linear Kitchens

Inspired by uncluttered modern living,
Symphony Kitchens have created the Linear range.

Linear’s minimal aesthetic is driven by simplicity of form.

With styles that complement anything from a new-build apartment to a refurbished mill, lines are clean and satisfying, tones are subtle and muted, doors and drawers are handleless.

However you see it, Linear can make it happen. Whatever interior you’re working with and whatever mood you’re trying to capture, our clean, minimal lines give you the flexibility to think creatively. Whether you’re complementing historic detail or making a sleek, modernist statement, Linear helps you unshackle your imagination and do something special with every space.

Linear’s minimal aesthetic is driven by simplicity of form. We’ve stripped out embellishment to create radically simplified designs. They’re rational. They’re functional. They’re very beautiful. And their flexibility helps you bring pin-sharp contemporary design to any environment.

These are kitchens that look at home in any space. We’ve built enormous flexibility into all our ranges. If you want tall, wide, fitted or island units, you’ll find our kitchens can flex your imagination.