Purist design in which you feel completely at ease ‒ the right planning and innovative materials make this possible without any problems.

The child-friendly fronts have a calming effect. Convenience is guaranteed by the flip sockets, the downdraft extractor, the stylishly illuminated support panel open shelf units and the extradeep wall units, which are in line with the tall units and provide plenty of storage space.

The polymer glass surface impresses with its high-quality finish, which makes it particularly stable and robust in daily use. The special AFP anti-fingerprint property reduces fingerprints and thus considerably reduces the cleaning effort. At the same time, the contemporary, velvety design invites you to touch it and feel good.

Form and function also behind the front – quality is not just a matter of superficially perceptible. Alleged details behind the front also contribute decisively to the overall picture – and convince with elegant design language and practical functionality. Due to the 3.8 cm increase, the high frame offers a more stable front connection and a better use of storage space for the push-buttons in front heights of 19.1 cm and 25.6 cm.

This grip derives its inspiration from metallurgy and crystal structures. It radiates a crystalline mineral feeling. The bevelled edges make the grip softer. Suitable for dark Smart Glass fronts. Hole spacing: 160 cm, colour: graphite, base material: zinc