Alea Matt

Family, life at its best. Cooking, laughing, playing together and sometimes even arguing – and it’s even better when your kitchen is up for this and much, much more!

Our kitchen units in neutral Havana brown nestle up against the wall, leaving room for a great feature: a perfectly coordinated utility room in bright yellow for additional storage space. In this kitchen, everything is optimally stowed away.

More room – especially if there is no basement in the house, a utility room docked on to the kitchen is worth its weight in gold. With special units and inserts, we after solutions for a wide range of requirements. The shelving for bottle crates, on which crates can simply be laid on their side, enables you to conveniently take out bottles as you need them. Fruit crates too not only look nice, but also provide storage space for potatoes, apples, etc. The whole effect is finished off with cross inserts for bottles, open shelves for cleaning products and closed cupboards for peace of mind. What’s more, with our kitchen collection, the utility room can be perfectly planned to meet your requirements!