3 Ways to Make your Home Look More Glamorous

At some point in our week, we all catch ourselves staring down the wonders that is Instagram admiring the beautiful homes everyone has and thinking how ours has never looked that great. Well if you don’t then I certainly do! We have some tips that will help you to make your home look more glamorous without having to spend a fortune.

Gallery Walls

Gallery’s are a great way to add some character to your rooms and fill up some of the empty space you have.

You can go for a mixed approach with different sizes like the image above or you can have a more uniformed layout for your images. This is based on your space and how you want to present them to fit in with the room.

Textiles and Colours

Using different textiles and colours that work well together will help to make your room look more high-end.

Cushions on a sofa or a bed is a great way to transform the room completely.

Adding a nice rug to the living room will help to anchor the room and frame it.

Large Cushions

Large cushions are a great way to add some character to your home while keeping the glamorous front that you have always dreamed of.

Getting some large cushions from IKEA, John Lewis, Tescos or Amazon would be prefect for making your sofa look the best it’s ever looked! We recommend getting some Larger Cushions and some smaller to have a variety!