5 Ways you can give your bathroom a refresh

The standard white walled bathrooms are out of fashion in 2019 and now in trend are bathrooms with bold features, read on through this blog to find different ways you can give your bathroom the makeover it deserves. Todays blog is about ‘ways you can give your bathroom a refresh’.

Add a Feature Wall

One option is by adding in a featured wall like this Aquadi bathroom called Girona. This wall can be wallpaper, tiles or simply a different colour painted surface and is a great way to add rustic feel to your bathroom, pairing it with the lovely olive green colour gives us a beautifully designed bathroom that people will compliment when they visit your home. The walls go perfectly with the decorations in this bathroom which really helps to tie it all in together.


Update your Flooring

Another option is by changing the flooring. The flooring is one of the first and biggest things people will look at when enter into a bathroom, and so by changing this it could give the room a whole fresh new look. Below there is another Aquadi bathroom this time called Fiora that has a perfectly designed flooring to match the bathrooms other features.

This bathroom is a really good example to show that changing the flooring can change the whole room because in most homes this bathroom would have a plain and simple flooring that everyone has seen before. The black, grey and white flooring that has been fitted shows to go perfectly with the colour scheme of this bathroom and also is the statement piece of this bathroom, perfect for that well deserved en-suite to your master bedroom.

Re-tile your bathroom

You could also look to carry out of re tiling the bathroom, with a choice from our stunning modern tile ranges. This Imex Bathroom below displays this perfectly with these stunning hexagonal tiles on one wall.

Novara Whit

Add some Artwork

The next tip we have for refreshing your bathroom is to add some large artwork. In the modern day it has become very popular to add artwork into your home to give it a bit more colour. This bathroom displayed below has a canvas image hung up on the wall which helps to add a bit of colour into the bathroom and also make it a bit more homely.

Pop of Colour

Finally, adding a pop of colour to your bathroom is a great way to refresh its look. You can do this in different ways.

Change the Tiles

You could add some colour into your bathroom by changing the tiles. This image below displayed a beautiful turquoise; blue is a very popular colour for bathrooms at the moment so this would be perfect for a 2019 refresh!


You could simply re-paint the walls of your bathroom to give it a bit of a refresh take a look at these bathrooms below for inspiration, the colours used are beautiful and help to make the bathroom stand out more!

Thank you for reading our tips to refreshing your bathroom, we hope you enjoyed it and got some great tips on what you want to do with your bathroom. If you have any questions about any of our products contact us here and we will be happy to help.